Sunday, April 13, 2008

The World according to Elvis!

Our 110 lb. Weimareiner gives new meaning to "My Space"! We got "Elvis Marvin Gaye Ledbetter", by default, when he was two. He's been both a joy and a royal pain to me in the seven years since then! Heaven knows, he is typical of his breed, but I dare say he's in the high precentile of those that are their own breed. Yes he is a dominant alpha dog which makes him socially unacceptable to most other dogs...until he shows his prowess and is comfortable with them. After initial contact with another dog, he either becomes boss or the other dog has to leave - by force or by wise choice of its owner. Let's just say animals that aren't dogs cannot cohabitate in his space. It would be detrimental to their health and wellbeing! Despite his social ineptness, he is still a sweetheart of a big boy. He's lovable to us, albeit a bit challenging for the rest of the general population. They just don't understand his passion! Like the original Elvis, he loves to shake his booty and eat good food. Inadvertently, its cause for bouts of tunnel vision more often than not. Get out of his way when he's excited or has a meal in his reach. Anything between him and his target is going down!
Bill and I had to laugh the other night at his behavior....for the umpteenth time! He has to have his own space and sometimes invading that chosen space makes him pace around until it is freed, fluffed and fixed for his sole occupancy. We have moved our liesure time into a family room where we have a new tv setup and it has messed up his routine hangout space which is normally on a couch or bed, but always by our sides. He, like many of his breed, has separation anxiety that makes him want to be close to us at all times when we are home.....close, but not always touching - that would invade his space! Yet, the other night, he had enough of just a rug separating him from a hardwood floor. The comfort zone had been minimized, so he paced for a while and eventually jumped up between us on the one couch in the room. Surprisingly, he didn't care that his behind was touching me and his head was in Bill's lap. Normally that would just not have cut the mustard, but now it was the better choice for his comfort. If he couldn't have his own cushy space, he would encrouch upon ours. After all, its all about him!
Being the softie that I am, I went out yesterday and got him a new dog bed for the room, so his comfort would not be compromised! Yes, I helped create this monster, or at least enable him to get his way. He loves his comfy new bed and as I'm writing this, he is snoring at our feet as we watch Tiger try to come back from behind to win the Master's. He could care less. Once again, he's in his own space, his own world, according to Elvis! What could be any better?!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My baby is 21 today! Happy Birthday Kristen!!! To say I am proud and honored to be her mother is an understatement. Thanks, Kristen, for being you (even when it's not cool!). The little premie that came into the world a month early on April Fool's Day, 1987, is nobody's fool. Did I tell you she made Dean's List at the University of KY last semester? SHE DID!
She's a pretty cool CAT!
Happy Birthday Baby. WE LOVE YOU!!!