Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Are you full of IT?

We're all full of something.  What am I full of?  What are you full of?  Honestly, in and of myself, I'm full of a sinful nature.  But through Christ, I've become a new creation and God's Spirit lives in me.  I also choose to fill myself with more of His knowledge and truth daily.  Doing so helps me dispense more of His love and grace.  I cannot know how to love properly if I have not learned how to do so from my Master.

I told my cousin recently that God is my happy pill.  I need a dose of Him daily.  I need His Holy Spirit to fill me constantly.  I need to work with Him, so I can give Him operating room to have His way.  That leads me to my observation that we're all full of something. 

The most alarming thing to me in today's culture is a generation of idealists who have tried to re-define things like love, service and justice. The question shouldn't be, "What would Jesus do"? He's already done it.
The question should be, "What can I do to totally surrender my will to God's will?" It is only at that true surrender of my ideals to God's Truth that He can show me how to love Him better and, subsequently, I can learn to love others the way He does.

Our ways are not God's ways. In all honesty, our definition of His love is puny, at best. But God is willing to show us His ways if we're willing to lay down our arrogance and accept His wisdom. An idealist is full of pride. A surrendered servant of the Lord is full of His Holy Spirit. We're not fooling anyone but ourselves with our lofty ideals, because God knows what we're full of.