Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Party Master

It's the first day of 2009....Happy New Year! We ushered in the New Year at a Celebrate Recovery New Year's service here at Heartland. It was great to be thanking God for the grace and goodness of the past year and asking him to keep his hand upon us for the upcoming one.

One of the songs we sang last night was one of the Passion songs that says, "We're gonna PARTEEEE........I was dead, now I'm alive! It's the best New Year's party I've ever been to. Those of us that have a relationship with Jesus know that there is much to celebrate. I pray that I don't become complacent this year and forget that God's goodness is worth celebrating every day.

We had an added blessing last night because songwriter and singer Sarah Kelly and her "yummy" (her words) husband were our guests. She sang a couple of songs that were incredibly moving. One was a song that she wrote while in the midst of a very long and troubled time in her life. It is called, "Just about Midnight" and she sang about calling on God to help her out of her troubles. The other was her version of "Amazing Grace".

All I can say is WOW....God was at the party! Sarah gave Bill a new nickname that gave everyone a chuckle. I think it'll stick for a while. She called him the "Party Master"! If the Party Master is the one that loves Jesus with all his heart and invites everyone else to join the celebration, then I'll have to agree - that's who he is.

I hope you celebrate this year. Join the party. You always have an open invitation.

Blessing to you in 2009!