Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Scar

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. It was a sweet day. Bill and I spent time together and he cooked me a wonderful steak dinner. I'm still amazed at God's grace and his miraculous healing of our miracle.

From the first time I heard Point of Grace's "Heal the Wound but Leave the Scar" I have loved the message therein. It's because I so strongly identify with the song, that I get totally immersed in it every time I hear it. The words ask God to heal the wound, but leave the scar, because it's a reminder of "How merciful you are". I love that.

I'm so grateful for God's mercy in my life and in my marriage. He has healed the wound that was much too great for me to overcome without Him; without his grace and mercy. I am still in awe of that kind of mercy and I am so grateful to be a recipient of it. For that reason, I am blessed that God healed the wound and I'm grateful that he left the scar.

The "scar" is the testimony I have to tell of his goodness, grace and mercy. Without the wound, I wouldn't have the scar. The scar is on display as a witness of his healing power; as a witness of the power of prayer; and as a witness of his goodness. I don't want to ever forget what my God has done for me and I want to share it with others so they may experience his mercy also. I want to be able to look at my life and know what my God has brought me from; what he has redeemed. The wound is healed and the scar is a beautiful reminder of how merciful YOU are!

Some people have tatoos. I'm proud to have a scar that tells the story of God's mercy.

Here are the words to the song. Nicole Nordeman was one of the writers.

"Heal the Wound but Leave the Scar"

I used to wish that I could rewrite history
I used to dream that each mistake could be erased
Then I could just pretend
I never knew me back then

I used to pray that You would take this shame away
Hide all the evidence of who I've been
But it's the memory of The place You brought me from That keeps me on my knees
And even though I'm free

Chorus :
Heal the wound but leave the scar
A reminder of how merciful You are
I am broken, torn apart
Take the pieces of this heart
And heal the wound but leave the scar

I have not lived a life that boasts of anything
I don't take pride in what I bring
But I'll build an altar with The rubble that You've found me in
And every stone will sing
Of what You can redeem

Don't let me forget
Everything You've done for me
Don't let me forget
The beauty in the suffering