Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spa Days with Jesus

I was at a women’s event a couple of weeks ago and two different people approached me and said they knew me from somewhere. I just smiled and said “I have one of those faces”. I got to thinking about it later, and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if what people recognized in me was Jesus?!”

We go to all sorts of trouble to “doll-up” our outer appearance, but what are we doing to beautify our inner self, our character, so that none can compare to the beauty that is within us? I think this intensive beauty regimen is available and I think it’s rather inexpensive, depending upon the way you view things. Inexpensive, in that it really costs you nothing monetarily; costly in that you might have to reach a point where you surrender your precious control to Jesus. Yet, He can do so much for us when we turn over that one little thing. He can make us into His likeness, a beauty none of us can manufacture on our own.

I am starting to find that the closer I get to Jesus, the more I want to know Him and be known by Him; the more I am becoming like Him on the inside. I’m no rocket scientist, but even I can tell you that the result of a spa day with Jesus could be nothing less than incredible; so beautiful that the love and authenticity on the inside will begin to show on the outside. Imagine the sweet fragrance lingering in the nostrils of those you’ve spent time with, making them feel like beautiful music has just washed over them. That seems a little unnatural, huh? Yea, you got that right – connecting with our Lord on that level would have to be supernatural.

But, oh, don’t you want to know Him that way? I know I do! How about scheduling some Spa days with Jesus? I could use a little exfoliation to work away some rough spots; a little intensive conditioner to smooth the harshness in my soul; a little deep cleansing to draw out the dirt and grime in my life and wash it away; a little massage to let me know that the hands of Jesus are all I need to work out the stress in my life and to give me peace and serenity.

YES…I’m scheduling lots of spa days and I’m urging you to do the same. Wouldn’t it be cool if people started recognizing Jesus in us and saying, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” Let’s hope so.