Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I finally have a Chia Pet!

Do you remember those funny little Chia Pets? Were they from the sixties, maybe? I can remember they were different than anything I had ever seen. I didn't have one, didn't even want one at the time, but I was intriqued by their uniqueness.

That brings me to the present. My husband and I can laugh at anything, and often do. I wouldn't dare recount all the bizarre things we find funny. Someone would want to commit us! However, I will share a little laugh we had last night because the image just keeps giving me a chuckle. So, humor me, okay?!

Bill has always had nice hair, but lately, his previously dark soft locks have been evolving into something akin to a steel wool pad - increasingly grey and wirey . Gel helps to camaflouge a bit, but when that dries or gets "slept" away, we're looking at a brand new "animal". A porcupine comes to mind.

Last night Bill looked in the mirror, then said to me, "I need a haircut.... whatta ya think?" I glanced over at him and flinched a bit at the sight I beheld. Grinning at my reaction, he said, "My hair doesn't grow long anymore. It just grows out!" Putting his hands out to the sides of his head to emphasize the obvious, I suddenly had a flashback to the sixties. I laughingly exclaimed, "You've become a Chia Pet!"

I guess you had to be there, maybe, but we're quiet easy to entertain. I don't care what you say, but to us, it was funny! I still chuckled throughout the day, today, as I remembered the sight of my husband; my very own Chia Pet. I also started to think about an analogy that could be extracted from my husband becoming a Chia Pet.

Here's my analogy. Bill used to be someone that did not yield any growth. He was like a Chia Pet, still in the box. Without care and cultivation, he was not ready to morph into what he was intended to become. But now he's something quiet different. He was "bought" by a Saviour that transformed him as he showered him with his love, grace and truth. As he continues to grow, I am grateful that I finally have a Chia Pet. I'll say, some things are worth waiting for!

Romans 12:2 Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is - his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Personal Paraphrase of "My Psalm" - Psalm 18

I had been introduced to you, my God, as a young child, but I never really got to know who you were and appreciate how much you love me. In my ignorance, I walked along what first seemed like a beautiful white beach, but became increasingly more like a quicksand that steadily began to engulf me. As I sankfurther and further into its murky depths, I could almost sense the battle for my redemption. Invisible, but strangely present claws were grabbing me by the ankles, trying to pull me completely under and boast about my demise. Yet, every time it seemed like I would disappear into the darkness, strong wonderful arms and wings like soft feathers would lift me up into a soft warm glow to keep my head above the abyss. Each time, my heart, my very soul could not resist the beauty and warmth that drew me into the light of salvation. You were so patient with me, Lord; allowing me to stumble down a dirt-trodden path that waited to cover me with the filth of its unclean, crooked landscape. You knew that I could have well sank to my death and been completely defeated while I was still in my state of oblivion. You continued to whisper softly, yet firmly, to me and I heard your voice and came to recognise it. You kept assigning a mighty army to take down the very real enemy that was snarling at me and had me nearly within grasp. And when I called upon you, you released all the powers of heaven in my defense. I cried to you and you came to my rescue. You gave me strength and life. Suddenly, the darkness turned to light and hope sprung alive as you brightly exposed the truth through your spirit within me. My enemy had no chance of winning this round. My Saviour held me in His arms and I felt that He had moved heaven and earth on my behalf. My shaking knees could no longer withstand the tremble that transcended the physical and spiritual worlds. I willingly bowed to you. You didn't just stop at my rescue though; you continued to teach me and answer my prayers. My life, my husband's life, and our marriage are among your most profound miracles. You have reminded me that the battle is not mine and that you will always be with me. Yet, you still give me armor and remind me that I must put it on daily to be protected from intentional arrows that always seek to steal the victory you've given me. You set my path straight before me and put your Spirit within me. My trust is in you, my God, and I am eternally grateful for your unfailing kindness, grace and mercy.