Sunday, March 14, 2010

Does March Madness trump April Awareness?

Every year, I am caught up with the rest of SEC and NCAA basketball fans, as I cheer for my favorite team during the championship tournaments. GO KENTUCKY WILDCATS! March Madness was always a favorite time of the year for me, mostly because Kentucky Basketball has had a great winning basketball program in the past and they are re-energized again this year with a charismatic and passionate coach and some really talented players. It's hard not to be excited about the team if you've lived in Kentucky or watched college's just contagious. What is almost as interesting for me to watch, though, is the way dignified people lose their mind when it comes to their favorite team. This is especially true for the people and fans of Kentucky. They bleed blue, eat blue, breathe blue and (should they lose) feel blue! It is a big blue nation and everyone in the Bluegrass (and beyond )is proud to support their team - me included. Rumor has it, that approximately 180,000 Kentucky Wildcat fans converged upon Nashville, Tennessee this weekend to try to get a ticket to see their team in an arena that houses less than 20,000! Those who say that basketball is the religion there may not be far off base - based on that show of allegiance.

I find it admirable that so many people are committed to something they love. It's hard to deny that these March Madness fans are very loyal. I'm impressed, yet I'm pondering how people can abandon their normally cool, calm and collected selves to become rabid, rowdy and relentless maniacs. They don't care who sees or hears them as they root for their favorite team with complete and utter abandonment. It's complete entertainment, and a double treat, for people watchers like me - I get to watch a sideshow at the big show...or see the John Wall dance at the Big Dance! Yes, it's FUN and exciting!

I'm really wondering, though, how many of us will be tuckered out by March Madness, come April. This year, Easter is in early April. Easter, the Resurrection, the time of year that Christians celebrate that Jesus Christ arose from the grave three days after He willingly died on a cross to pay the penalty for our sins. WOW...can anybody get excited about that?! Can they abandon themselves and not care who sees how much they love a Saviour who gave His life for us? I'd like to say I could, but would I be as apt to show that loyalty with shouts of adoration and praise? Will I raise my hands and shout loudly that I love Him? Will I sing to the top of my lungs? Will I dance like no one is watching? Will I laugh and smile because my sin debt has been paid by the only One who could pay it? Will I celebrate the victory because I know the battle has already been won? Will I? Will you?

I'm just wondering today, will March Madness trump April Awareness? I'm hoping it doesn't, for me. I plan on enjoying March Madness - every minute of it - but I hope I place a greater value and awareness on a time in early April, when I give my Jesus unrivaled praise for the sacrifice He made for me. I hope I don't let the little gods I give my adoration to in March, evoke a more passionate response from me than the Big God who deserves my ongoing continuous adoration and praise, not only in April, but every waking moment for a lifetime and eternity. I'm just sayin'......