Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Seeing Stories

As I'm sitting at my desk in this temporary work assignment I've been doing for a few months, I'm really struggling with my pride. I feel like a peon in a company where no one cares to know me and they don't recognize that I have any worth. Poor pitiful me. My pride argues that I'm probably as smart as many of them - excluding the engineers, lawyers and the CEO - but they don't count! Joking aside, I'm probably much smarter than people give me credit for. I may be blond, and majorly left-brained, but I've been praying for God's wisdom for a long time and, ever so often, I can see glimpses that He is answering my prayers. Others may not be able to see it yet, but maybe they're just slow:-)  Like I said, I was struggling with pride.

Anyway, the idea from this post came as I saw an email pop up to company personnel. My temporary assignment is for a global company that helps people who cannot hear have access to hearing through an implant in their head that activates their auditory nerve. It really is wonderful that such products exists and they should be proud of the work that they do. I applaud them. This particular email was entitled "Hearing Stories". It was another story of how one of this company's products has helped someone to accomplish so much in life that never would have been possible without the gift of hearing this product afforded him. It is commendable. It also brought me back to a stark reality. Because, just in that moment, God gave me a "glimpse" of His wisdom as He reminded me that, with His help, I get to help people who were once blind to see!

Well, maybe I'm exaggerating. It is God that really helps people to see, but indulge me as I explain how He brought me from feeling sorry for myself to showing me how He uses me to help people He places in my life. It all goes back to the scriptures and my own story of, "I once was blind, but now I see!" Until God gave me spiritual sight to recognize Him, His grace, and His truth, I had no capacity to really see. I was blind to the things that really mattered - to my need of a Savior.  God gave me the gift of seeing and He enables me to encourage others to gain their spiritual sight, as well. I get to work in ministry and I get to witness "Seeing Stories", or testimonies, of changed lives on a regular basis. Stories of how people were once blind, but now they see!

All that, as I was sitting there feeling like a peon. God uses peons, you know! So I humbly ask Him to take my pride and keep reminding me that it doesn't really matter that the people in this company don't know me or treat me with any kind of importance. The Creator of the Universe knows my name and gives me worthy assignments. He helps us all with our "Seeing Stories" and they all have a certain theme to them, "I once was blind, but now I see"!