Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Folding Fitted Sheets

I just tried to fold a fitted sheet.  I have seen multitudes of examples of how it should be properly done, but do you think that has helped me perfect this elusive art?  Absolutely not!  I'm still a terrible fitted sheet folder.  I need to be more studious and deliberate and patient about the method of getting it right, I suppose.  Unfortunately my fitted sheets end up in a crumpled mess in the cupboard.  I'm pretty sure Martha Stewart would not want to be my house guest at my current level of fitted sheet folding expertise.

Thinking about this ever-recurring flaw in my housekeeping skills as I take the fitted sheet out of the dryer, I start to compare it to my need to take the study of God's Word and be deliberate and repetitive about applying it to my life.  My practice of doing so always helps me keep the nuggets of truth and wonders of God's grace neatly tucked into my heart and mind, ready to be unfolded when it's time to apply it.  No matter how many times I may have read something or heard someone else teach about something in the bible, it is sort of useless to me unless I take it to heart, unless I put what I see and hear into action.  I will end up a crumpled mess if I don't get that part right, or at least make a concentrated effort to put into practice that which I strive to know.

All that being said, I don't want to have to end up being that person that doesn't pay attention to God's best for me and my life.  I don't want to disregard the multiple ways and times He shows me how I should do things.  I don't want to end up in a crumpled mess instead of taking the time and effort to know how and why I should do things God's way - the right way.  I want to study and learn; discern and apply.  I want to be able to fold my virtual fitted sheet well so I don't end up in a mess.

But, right now, I'm back at the dryer and there is one immediate option that might work for me.  I think putting the real fitted sheet on the bed, straight out of the dryer, warm and comfy, would be a perfect way to apply good wisdom right about now.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Day of Celebration

Four years ago today I was scared.  I had been sucker-punched with a breast cancer diagnosis the previous month and the time for my surgery had finally arrived.  The follow-up doctor appointments sort of became a blur as I just tried to hang on to the fact that God loved me and my life was in His hands.  I had peace in His love for me and His goodness, but I have to admit, I was scared.  My surgery to remove the cancer was January 20th, 2010.  I went into surgery not knowing what to expect, but expecting that God would take care of me - whatever the outcome.

My surgery was a success.  The cancer was removed with clear margins and no lymph node invasion.  God blessed me with great care and great love.  My husband was a rock - still is!  My family and friends were so loving and supportive.  I was blown away by how much people really care.  I was also given a new perspective.  One you don't understand unless you experience it.  I knew the despair of being a cancer patient.  But I also was given a second chance.  I knew the blessing of being given a life extension - if you will.  One never knows how long they will be around in this lifetime, but when you have a potentially life-threatening illness and you are brought through it by God's grace, you value each moment you are given.  And, for me, I recognized exactly where my help came from.  My help comes from the Lord and He is my Healer.

If this experience did one thing for me, it caused me to be more bold in sharing my love for the Lord with others.  I've learned to worship the Lord freely with gratitude.  His praise is always in my heart and on my lips.  I am never ashamed to tell others just who Jesus is and what He has done for me.  I love to invite them to know Him and His love and peace for themselves.  I was pretty outspoken before, but now I have a new purpose.  This experience made me see that more clearly.

My purpose is to glorify Jesus; to point people to Him.  I do that by keeping my eyes on Him; keeping my heart bowed low and keeping my hands lifted high.  I am the worshipper in the room.  I cannot imagine living any other way.  Gratitude in my heart has been magnified.  I remember the song that came to my heart when I entered this storm, "My soul magnifies the Lord for He has done great things for me!"  He had already done great things for me by dying on a cross for my sins.  He took my place.  That was more than enough.  He went even further to grace me with His healing touch.  When you have experienced that, you just know it.  You can disregard it or you can embrace it.  I choose to fully embrace it.

So, today - January 20, 2014 - I celebrate what God did for me and I celebrate Him.  Sometimes, I still get a little scared, but the Lord tells me in 2 Timothy 1:7 that He did not give me a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.  With that truth, I can give my fears over to Jesus and let Him comfort me with His grace and peace.  My future is not nearly as scary when I place my fears about it into His hands.  It's just another great thing He does for me.  My soul continues to magnify the Lord - He has, indeed, done great things for me!

Do you know Him?  No apologies for asking.  I'm just trying to fulfill my purpose.  It makes one do bold things.  I hope you choose to do something bold.  I hope you celebrate Him!