Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hooked on a feeling!

We are a society rooted in feelings. Feelings are real and feelings are important, but feelings can be downright deceiving, also. I cannot tell you how many times I have come to my senses after an emotional crash or outburst and wondered how I ever got so wrapped up in my fleeting emotions. I've had arguments; had my feelings hurt; hurt others; attended one too many pity parties; been sucked into the enemy's lies that my feelings are all that matter - in the moment. Thank God for eventual moments of clarity. And thank God that He reached into my deceived heart and mind and continues to show me that His truth trumps my feelings.

The bible talks about taking our thoughts captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ. Yes, that darned obedience thing! Translated, that means that, whatever I feel, I should stop and ask the Holy Spirit of God to help me weigh it's validity alongside His truth. My feelings are real, but do they reflect truth and do they honor God?

I still struggle with feelings. And I still struggle with sin. God has saved me, not yet perfected me. But He delights in loving me and teaching me His ways. It's how I get to know Him and love Him more. I think of my own struggles and God's grace to make me aware of the devil's plan to destroy me. Satan used my feelings to hurt me and string me along for so many years. He almost did me in. But God!!!

God has shown me a better way. I can listen to His voice and know His truth, instead of being led astray by my feelings. And when my feelings are on point, He affirms me. That's when His Holy Spirit whispers to me and I know the sound of my Savior's voice. If I'm gonna be hooked on a feeling, it's gonna be a feeling of gratitude that my God is in control of my life and I am not.

I'm no better than anyone else who gets sucker-punched by our feelings. I'm compassionate to the havoc left in the wake of an emotional train wreck. But I do know that God gives us all an opportunity to choose His truth over our feelings. It's our option to follow our feelings or to follow our God. It's not always easy, because we often have to deny ourselves in this choice. But it is possible to choose God and His truth. He makes it possible. When He says that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength, it includes surrender. We can surrender our feelings to God's truth and ways if we choose to do so. Following our feelings can lead to mistakes. Following God's truth can keep us from making mistakes. Choose wisely.