Friday, April 11, 2014

Smacking my Head

Reading and meditating on the parable of the Sower in Luke 8. It's deep, but oh so simple. It reminds me of the ministry of growing people up in spiritual maturity so they can live victorious, free lives. 
I always have to ask God to check my heart because I become frustrated when people seem to accept Christ, then just don't appreciate His grace or want His truth; they really don't experience the joy God has for them. They go back to the old nature and I fight the urge to judge their behaviors (my human sinful reaction) as I smack my head in wonderment. How could they miss this?! God often reminds me to stay in my lane and do my job and allow Him to do His....duly noted!
The parable explains it like this: Not everyone who sees and hears, may actually see and understand. When the seed (The Word of God) is scattered along the path, those along that path may hear, but just as the birds came and scarfed down the seeds from the path, so the devil comes and takes away the Word from people's hearts so they may not believe and be saved.
Continuing with the parable, the seed that falls upon the rocks can not grow for lack of moisture, lack of a healthy growing atmosphere. Likewise, people who receive the Word become excited at first, but they have no root in which to grow and thrive. They believe for a while, but when the harsh conditions hit, their faith is challenged and withers away.
Moving along, the seed that fell among the thorns was literally overtaken and choked out by the overpowering nature of the thorns. People who hear the Word and continue in their own paths are similarly choked by the thorns of life as they are bogged down with worry, chase after fame and fortune, and seek human pleasure over Godly wisdom and growth.
Lastly, there is yet fertile ground! Some people along the path embrace the new nature God affords them with good and noble hearts. They want to soak in the goodness of God and meditate on, and grow in, grace and truth. They retain the magnitude of God's presence through persevering and bearing good fruit. This is a picture of the seed falling upon good soil - and souls. It yields so much benefit and blossoms abundantly.
So, soil can also be equated to dirt. We can all identify with having dirt in our lives. What kind of dirt is God's Word falling upon as you hear and see it. Will you let the dirt just remain a dry clump or a muddy mess? Or will you let the Word change your dirt into a fertile field of blessings? I've heard people say that a little dirt never hurt anyone. I guess that depends upon your dirt! I'd much rather my patch of dirt yield a beautiful crop that feeds many, as opposed to just becoming a desert or a mud puddle. Allow God's Word to reach down deep into the roots of your soul so that you may yield an abundant crop of blessings.
P.S. And save me from smacking my head:-)